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teen age  (international singer) was born in  karachi (Pakistan) on 5july 1993  a young  TEEN  Artist  was promoted by myspace music and 

youtube in 2011 his song tonight made great success internationaly in 2012 and iqbal also made such a huge impact on teen age girls heart's  he is the only pakistani teen artist who made  the record of reaching 30,000 + facebook fans and 123,890 sales record in all-over the world with only  his one song 

shahroz iqbal is from a well known musical family he is a grand son of ustaad hamid hussain & nephew of Mehdi hassan khan sahab

Shahroz iqbal was introduce by his uncle shujaat hussain (Late)  for his  interest in music  

but he was degraded and hided by his own country media and they start feeling  jealousy about iqbal's fame & ban his music.

in that hard time shahroz iqbal

was strongly supported by the big names of indian music industry  for his  poor living condition in pakistan 

iqbal song also debuted on number 1 in srilanka and on number 47 in irish music charts this is an big honour for shahroz iqbal as an  underground artist 

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Early LifeEdit

shahroz iqbal's early life was far from perfect his parents divorced when he was 5 his father permanently abandoned  the family and get married with another women name samina (step mother) because of his step mother's behaviour shahroz iqbal was adopted by his aunt "kishwer" and she start's loving him like his own son shahroz iqbal has one 7 year old sister "meenal" (aunt's daughter) . because of his living condition shahroz iqbal was hated by his family and they dont want to see his face and take's him as a poor child at the age of  8 shahroz iqbal start's singing along with his chilhood friend name zubeena he started as an underground school band artist shahroz iqbal  impresses his Uncle and his production team members by his music skills they start thinking about his talent and his interest in music and want to promote him in music industry after that shahroz iqbal's uncle gave him an opportunity and take's him to show managers  for underground concerts they like his voice and shahroz iqbal start's singing as an underground artist 

shahroz iqbal start's his music as an underground school group artist with his 2 friends and three girls. in 2002 . and in 2004 he get himself in rap music and highly inspired with eminem he starts making rap songs about his poor  life condition's and he joined  hip hop underground band after this hard and long period he let met by the owners of fire productions (india) who was impressed enough with his skills to give him one of there bussiness cards . Shahroz iqbal kept calling him until they took him under Thier wings 

in 2011 his uncle shujaat hussain (who was friend's with fire production owner) compose a song for  shahroz's girl friend's  birthday party  shahroz iqbal was insisting his uncle for making this song "TONIGHT" for his girl friend. 

but his freind's and uncle upload it on youtube and social media websites and the song reache's  143,980 audio views on my only  in 7 days and then the shahroz iqbal's movement get started and in his interview with indian radio station shahroz iqbal said that he was making this song for his girl friend's birthday party . 

inspiring artist's.Edit

Chris brown, Eminem, Micheal jackson, Lil wayne, 2pac,Usher, john mayer, Bruno mars, Jason Derulo



Sawaira haider (shahroz's ex girl friend)


in 2008 shahroz began dating his  Teacher sawaira when he was 15 and she was 20  years old. Thier relationship drew people attention

because of the 5 years age difference. on that time  sawaira was in university and he was in 10 grade shahroz iqbal and sawaira was in good relationship but  sawaira end's  there relationship in 2009 because he was cheating her with her best friend. sawaira said that: " shahroz iqbal

is unfaithful , liar & cheater but with all of that i still love's him " .  


kJessica Regina Iampanda (shahroz's ex-girl friend)



shahroz iqbal was  in relationship with jessica she's from  germany and a great  talented singer they both grew close in 2011 when shahroz was 18 and she was 22. and according to shahroz iqbal's interview  they were in strong relationship and they were going to get married  . but they  break up in november After the Break up she said "shahroz's a heart breaker i found out that he is taking interest in other girl's". she also said that she and shahroz remained friends , but she didn't talk much because of his busy working schedule's 

zehara khan (late)Edit

true love of shahroz iqbal's life zehara was his fiance died on 14th feb 2011 she was a cancer patient form 3 years shahroz iqbal and zehara both were  in true relationship they were planing to get married in 2010 but zehara was in dangerous condition  and after zehara's death shahroz iqbal quit's with his life  he siad: "Now i dont have any reason to live when i was 5 i lost my family and now i'd lost the very special person of my life and  God he take's every thing away from me.


shahroz iqbal has true faith in God he is muslim he is shia muslim. shahroz iqbal

5 stars

shirne of the grand sonof prophet mohammed

is shia religion promoter he is promoting it from his social media networks to his


WALI ALLAH" . which means . " there is no god accept allah and mohammed

is his prophet and alee is a friend of god and a religious leader of prophet mohammed .


his first performance was in Islamabad where he performed "pehli nazar mein" by atif aslam and all the girls start's screaming and shouting like crazy one of them girl jumped on stage and hug shahroz 

iqbal said that was the best moment of his life he'll never forget .


  • "dont care about the world if you love someone or you want to acheive something ".
  • "Young Shery Baby".
  • "i Believe in GOD and im shit without you" .
  • "Baby tonight, tonight, tonight YEAH".
  •  "love you all night baby ".
  • " people say that iam crazy  but i dont care about it cause im madly in love with you".
  • " take my hand we gonna reach the sky tonight".
  • "Baby you are my diamond".
  • "i love girl's ".

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